The Dunato history in boat repair goes back a long way. It is difficult to summarize over 44 years of hard work and dedication in a few paragraphs, but here it goes.
Joseph and Antonia Dunato raised their three children, Mike, Mira and John on the Island of Krk in Croatia. Joseph worked for various boat builders to support his family. After some time he began his own business building custom wood boats to order with the help of his two sons. The business did well and soon Joseph and his sons were working long hours building, repairing and remodeling boats.

The family decided to leave Croatia in 1958 and move to Marseilles, France with the ultimate goal of immigrating to the United States. Their expertise in boat building and repair was in great demand in France at the time. Joseph, Mike and John worked in boatyards and built boats in their spare time for four years while waiting to immigrate to the United States.

In 1962 the Dunato family immigrated to the United States and lived in Missouri for two years. Since boat building was not a good source of income they built custom cabinets instead. In 1964 Joseph, his wife and two sons moved to California. Their daughter stayed behind with a family of her own. They found employment with Harbor Boat Building Company and later with Long Beach Boat Works. In 1970 a good friend of the family offered the Dunato’s work at his boat yard in Anacortes. They moved once again and worked for Lovric Sea Craft for the following year.

In 1970 Joseph and his sons decided to form a partnership and start their own business. They moved to Seattle and leased space from Cadranell Yacht Landing and began doing business as Dunato and Sons. In 1974 the company moved their operation to Lockhaven Marina. Joseph and his sons worked very hard and needed more space. They purchased the property at the foot of Stone Way in 1975 and the business prospered.

In 1985 the company expanded to its current location.  John Dunato took over the business with the help of his crew and named the company John Dunato and Company. (Today the company goes by Dunato’s Marine Services.)

Each employee has his/her specialty. Their dedication to doing the job right is what makes the yard successful. The Dunato’s belief in not cutting corners and standing behind their work is what will insure their future in the Marine Industry.